So… I did it. I’m in Japan, people! XD Flights went pretty well, but not great. The flight to Japan was looooooong and I couldn’t sleep. Air Canada is really annoying in that they organize everything (when meals are served, the lighting) in according to where you’ve come from, not where you’re going. So it was all bright at the beginning of the flight (when it was the middle of the night in Tokyo) and then dark at the end (when it was day in Tokyo). I was not happy about that one. And the food was absolutely horrible, to the point where thinking about the smell is making me nauseous, so I won’t keep writing about it. However, the old Japanese lady sitting next to me who kept covering her eyes during the violent movie she was watching was adorable. Arriving over the Japan was really cool too, it looks like nothing I’d ever seen from above XD Kind of like somebody sprinkled a big pile of silver shavings over a pool table. It’s pure green and then all the buildings just shine.

I had no problem at the airports, other than being pulled over by the police. O.o I was still in the airport, walking to where I’d buy my train ticket to get to Shinjuku, and a police officer walked up to me and asked to see my passport, who I was working for, and wrote down all my information. It was very strange, because I was still IN the airport. I’ve heard of this kind of thing happening, but not really to girls and definitely not inside the airport. He even asked if I had my foreign registration card, and I had to explain that I hadn’t even been in the country for half an hour yet. XD He apologized after and everything was fine (after asking me how to write my name in Japanese because he couldn’t read the English letters), but it was still really weird.

When I finally DID get on the train, I completely ignored my book and just stared out the window the whole time. Turns out that Leonardo DeCaprio pimps Bridgestone tires here. And I saw a love hotel from the train window, I swear! XD But I kept, like, passing out on the train and dozing off and at this point (it’s 10pm here) I’m actually walking funny and dizzy from being so tired.

I may write more tomorrow, I may not. People here are very nice and, yes, I am stared at XD


(Seriously, I’m so tired >< thank god for spell check)


Goodbye, Canada

Well, this will be my last full day on Canadian soil for some time… I leave tomorrow. And the weird thing is that I don’t know how I feel about it. I could just be putting things off or maybe it hasn’t really hit me yet. I’ve been busy as all hell, so that may be keeping my mind off things. My mom says she’ll be fine because she had her “ugly cry” already, but I haven’t really done anything like that. No full breakdowns… I think a “yet” is necessary there, though. I’m just hoping that if it does happen, it happens tonight, not tomorrow morning as I leave or on the plane. Oh god, I better not cry on the plane. XD Then again, maybe I won’t cry at all. Sure, I’m sad I’m leaving, but I’m also really excited. I mean, this is what I’ve been wanting to do since I was 11. And I won’t really be gone all that long, it’s just the length of a school year. Though I know my mom is hoping that I’ll change my mind somewhere along the way and come home sooner, though I’m not thinking that’s all that likely.

I’ll post a message asap once I arrive in Tokyo, though chances are it will be very early in the morning and I won’t be able to write legibly at that point. 20 hours of travel… Nevermind Japanese, will I be able to speak English?

Turns out Ottawa U ISN’T so Kind…

Well, one day away from only a week left in Canada and my application for a deferral from university was rejected. Their email was very polite and explained that, basically, the only reasons they would give you a deferral for is falling ill or having to care for an ill relative. So although it totally sucks that I have to pay another $150 just to reapply next year, at least I can be confident that I won’t be rejected as my final marks were higher than at the time of my initial acceptance. It’s just a matter of timing; I’m going to have to make sure I remember when to submit my application again. This could prove unnecessarily stressful…

On a lighter note, I’ve pretty much got everything else in place. I’m as packed as can be and although the rest of my bedroom still needs to be stored in cardboard boxes in the basement, I’m preparing to say my farewells. Just over a week to go… No tears, people.

Let’s Hope Ottawa U is Kind…

I finally submitted my official request for a deferral to Ottawa University. Now I just need to cross my fingers that they’ll accept it and I won’t have to pay another $150 just to reapply next year. It sucks that they can have so much power over you. I haven’t done anything wrong, I just want to attend 12 months later than previously planned. They say that they accept deferrals on predetermined “extraordinary circumstances” that they refuse to disclose for fear of receiving false applications. Though I must admit, I probably would have exploited language to make my situation fit their criteria better if I’d known them. ;P I suppose I’m the kind of person they should watch out for then.

90% average, don’t fail me now!

And the Day Draws Closer

So, it’s official. Three weeks from today I will be on a fifteen hour flight to Tokyo from Toronto… eek. I have my working holiday visa (which really is just a fancy sticker in your passport, very pink), my bags, a laptop, a camera… I’m pretty much ready to go. All that’s left to be done is finalize my deferral with Ottawa U, pack my bags, and pack my room. It’s finally all starting to sink in. Three weeks… My mom is so not happy. XD

You may also notice I chose a new theme for the blog. This one just became available and I figured it was more appropriate considering the nature of my trip. Does everybody like it?

Flight Booked

Nicholas and Rochelle officially booked my flight and the ticket in in my inbox. I leave August 3rd at 11 am and arrive in Tokyo on August 4th at 3pm. A fifteen hour flight… how thrilling. It’ll be a good time to figure out if I can sleep on planes.

And so it Begins…

Hello all,

This blog is to keep my friends and family updated while I travel in Japan over the following year. Though it is currently very empty as I have nothing to say, I hope that it will be updated frequently once I actually get to Tokyo. I will post pictures, videos, and whatever I can in order to keep everybody informed.

That’s all for now.


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