Long Time no See

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I haven’t been posting lately out of a general feeling that I don’t have much to say. In the past while, my life has fallen into a pattern. Three months into my time in Japan I’m finding that my days have an established rhythm and routine. Not that this is anything to complain about, I’ve been comfortable, but it makes me feel as though I don’t have anything particularly interesting to ramble on about here.

Work is as usual, though I now moonlight as a private English tutor, meeting students in coffee shops after work and on weekends. It’s been giving me spending money and has allowed me to leave my bank account relatively untouched, for which I am grateful.



How Cruel I am

Nearly 10 days without a new entry? Surely I’ve neglected you all. I’m kidding, I doubt any of you missed me on here XD

Hmm… So what’s happened in the last 9 days? I’ve finally gotten bold enough to venture out on my own on the weekends. On the 14th, it was Harajuku, where I did plenty of shopping and trying stuff on, but made no purchases other thanĀ  a sweet crepe, which are possibly one of the greatest gifts to mankind EVER. The stalls are everywhere in Tokyo, but they’re especially prominent in Harajuku. The product is basically just a rolled up crepe with your choice of filling (pretty much what would happen if a pancake, fajita, and ice cream come had a love child) but the options are astounding. You can fill them with fruits, eggs, veggies, meat, sauces, jellies, ice cream, whole slices of cake, anything you can think of and the Japanese in Harajuku will roll it up into a crepe for you. And the smell as you pass these places is to die for. My crepe was filled with chocolate ice cream, banana slices, and strawberries. You can imagine the awesomeness.


Pidgeons, Crows, and Sparrows are Universal

Welcome to day… 4 in Tokyo (had to think about that one).

Days have really been flying by. I haven’t really been up to much, though. Maybe it’s the weather. The heat is absolutely overwhelming when you go outside. I never used to sweat much in Canada, but here my shirts are drenched after a few hours outdoors. 100 people died last month alone from heat stroke, several of them in their forties. I bring water bottles with me everywhere, though, so heat stroke isn’t a concern. There are also vending machines on absolutely every street corner XD It’s quite funny to see Tommy Lee Jones in coffee ads on the sides of them.

My feet are really feeling the effects of the amount of walking that you do here in Tokyo, though. I’ve got two blisters per foot from my shoes rubbing me wrong and they just ache all over. It’ll take me a bit of time to get used to it.


Goodbye, Canada

Well, this will be my last full day on Canadian soil for some time… I leave tomorrow. And the weird thing is that I don’t know how I feel about it. I could just be putting things off or maybe it hasn’t really hit me yet. I’ve been busy as all hell, so that may be keeping my mind off things. My mom says she’ll be fine because she had her “ugly cry” already, but I haven’t really done anything like that. No full breakdowns… I think a “yet” is necessary there, though. I’m just hoping that if it does happen, it happens tonight, not tomorrow morning as I leave or on the plane. Oh god, I better not cry on the plane. XD Then again, maybe I won’t cry at all. Sure, I’m sad I’m leaving, but I’m also really excited. I mean, this is what I’ve been wanting to do since I was 11. And I won’t really be gone all that long, it’s just the length of a school year. Though I know my mom is hoping that I’ll change my mind somewhere along the way and come home sooner, though I’m not thinking that’s all that likely.

I’ll post a message asap once I arrive in Tokyo, though chances are it will be very early in the morning and I won’t be able to write legibly at that point. 20 hours of travel… Nevermind Japanese, will I be able to speak English?