Milk and Ueno Zoo

So today was the trip to Ueno Zoo and although it was a great day with the kids, I’m utterly exhausted and felt kind of sorry for a lot of the animals there (well, more sorry than I usually feel for zoo animals). Cages at Ueno are very small because they don’t really have a huge area to work with and at this time of the season, many animals have young so the males need to stay separate from the females and babies, so the cages are even smaller than usual. And it’s kind of sad to see certain animals be given obvious preference. For example, the tigers, lions, gorillas, and Japanese macaques has huge enclosures, while the rhinos, hippos, and elephants were in much smaller ones. While we’re on the topic of elephants, though… I saw some “elephant courtship” today, which was rather… disturbing. We quickly moved to the over side of the exhibit to see where the other elephants were being kept, only to hear a loud trumpet a few minutes later from where the  other two had been. EW. I did, however, get to see baby sealions, rhinos, macaques, and leopard cats, which were all absolutely adorable. XD I didn’t get to take any pictures, unfortunately, as Lily was in my arms for the majority of the day.

Yesterday, however, I made a fantastic discovery in the form of Japanese lactose free milk! I got to have cereal for breakfast again this morning. I was so thrilled XD

That’s all for now. I’m glad tomorrow’s Saturday, because I really need a break. I have one more week with both kids at home, and then Myles starts school. Here’s hoping I can survive.


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  1. VIKI
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 12:28:21

    Ahhhh, the mating of elephants. At least it didn’t almost poop on you. A close encounter for me.
    HIIIII GENNA ❤ I miss ya. From what I hear, you're having a wonderful time. Actually, you sound like you're having SUCH a good time, that I decided to reasearch something similar.
    Ever heard of AU Pair? It's a nanny/tutor system for people that want to travel. I plan to (kinda) do what you're doing in about a year from now. Sounds exciting.

    Ugh, I am so jealous. And I apologize for not responding to your other entries. I only just got access to the internet now. Sad, ain't it?

    Well, I look forward to hearing from you. At some point, though, we need to make a date/time so we can meet up on Skype, despite the time difference. I love to hear from you.

    Miss you dearly, very Jealous,


  2. alia
    Aug 13, 2010 @ 18:15:43

    i hope you live too, and I’m super curious as to what kind of cereal you’re having XD


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