Forgive me, Mother, for I have Sinned

I did a bad thing today XD Deciding that I could not eat another round of tofu chilli for dinner (same thing I struggled getting down last night), I ventured out on my own to find sustenance for the evening. After walking down Aoyamadori for well over 45 minutes, checking every restaurant I passed, even those down back alleys, I was starting to think I should just give up and go to a Subway. A great thing about Japan is that the restaurants are so small that just by walking past you can smell the food rather intensely. This, combined with menus are price lists posted outside most eateries, makes the process of finding somewhere to eat a little less dicey. I really love the system. However, nothing had yet appealed to my palate and wallet, so I continued walking, until I ventured down a certain side street that looked no more promising than the others. Yet there is was, a second floor cafe that finally appealed to me; J.S Pancake Cafe. Yes, people, I had pancakes for dinner (sorry, mom and dad!). This place is actually a pancake cafe which serves real meals like BLTs, currys, chicken tomato dishes, all on pancakes. Whoever thought of this was brilliant. But I was weak. My sweetooth had been unsatisfied for a week, as the last junk food I ate was on the plane. So I got three pancakes with strawberries, strawberry drizzle, and a huge dollop of some kind of ice cream/whipped cream combination and it made me so happy XD I had been feeling really awful all day; dizzy, tired, low energy, and very weak, but since eating those pancakes, I feel awesome. I guess I was going through sugar withdrawal, as I’ve been eating nothing but fruits, veggies, eggs, and bread for the last week, so it couldn’t have been my blood sugar being low. The pancakes themselves weren’t the best (I should give the chef my recipe) but it strikes me as a place that’s all about the toppings. I really do think I’ll go back there, was really lovely. And don’t accuse me of being un-Japanese! I had sushi and onigiri for lunch ^^

And it’s not that I have anything against tofu, it’s just not something I’d ever eaten before. And now that I’m eating it nightly, I’m having a few problems stomaching it.

As it is currently nighttime, this marks the end of my third day at work here in the household. The kids really are lovely and the little girl is finally starting to warm up to me. She actually got a little bit excited when she saw me come down the stairs this morning, which made me really happy. Though I don’t get kisses yet, she does give me hugs from time to time and she held my hand when we went out for a walk, something she refused to do only yesterday. Today was also my first day putting her down for a nap on my own, something I’ve never really done with any child. She’s the type that you need to bounce constantly to get to fall asleep and then once she finally is, you need to keep bouncing her in a chair. She’s not the type that you ca just lie down in bed and leave there. However, putting her down this morning went off without a hitch and she slept a full two hours, which was a big boost to my confidence. Friday Sarah and I have decided to take both kids to Ueno Zoo for the day, which should be very fun. I’ll try to post pictures.

A couple of people have been asking for me to post photos of the house, which I won’t do for the same reason I won’t post full names on this blog; security. I talk enough about my schedule on here that someone would know opportune moments to break in without anyone knowing my actual address. So I won’t post any pictures of my dwelling, sorry. ^^; Call it paranoid, but stranger things have happened.

I’ll probably head out to Roppongi sometime this week and I’m still working on places to meet new people. I’ll head out of the Omotesando/Shibuya/Harajuku area once I get a little more comfortable with the train system (Akiba, here I come!)

Night, all!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Onigiri
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 13:15:50



  2. Becky
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 14:20:16

    Now I want pancakes. *___* ❤


  3. alia
    Aug 12, 2010 @ 18:03:18

    Genevieve!!!! I just read all your blogs at once, really enjoyed your youtube video btw, and I subscribed to the blog so i don’t have to stalk you via deviantart ahhaha anyways awesome stuff in japan, in my opinion i think you should “meet some new people” at that love hotel lmaoo xD

    miss you, alia 🙂
    oh and U of O is a bitch, psh.


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